2018 Grant Application

Congratulations on being invited to apply for a 2018 grant from the Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation.

All applications must be submitted using this form.  We also require that organizations provide an IRS determination letter confirming their 501(c)(3) status.  After submitting your application, please submit your letter to Leslie Higgs at leslie.higgs@rayonieram.com.

Apply Here



Applications for grants are accepted from organizations that fall within the Foundation’s areas of focus and meet the Foundation’s eligibility criteria. Please carefully read the information below. If you believe your organization meets the guidelines, you may submit an application no later than Noon on December 31 to be considered in the Foundation’s next annual grant cycle. Note that funds for approved grants are normally disbursed in the spring of the following year.

The Rayonier Advanced Materials grant process is open to invited partners only.  Applications will only be accepted from organizations that have been invited to apply.

Background & Mission

The Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation, established in 1952, serves as the principal funding entity for Rayonier Advanced Materials and its subsidiaries’ social investments. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities where Rayonier Advanced Materials’ employees work and live.

Contribution Policies

The Foundation prefers to partner with cost-effective organizations that are able to measure the progress of their programs, offer donor recognition, encourage volunteerism and offer possible volunteer opportunities for Rayonier Advanced Materials employees and retirees.

  1. Contributions are limited to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that have obtained Internal Revenue Service status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, and where appropriate, under Section 170(c). Proof of the exemption in the form of a copy of the IRS Determination Letter must be submitted with the application.
  2. Contributions are generally limited to communities where Rayonier Advanced Materials employees work and live.
  3. Typical awards range from $250 to $2,500.
  4. Contributions will be considered in the following categories:
    • Education: Rayonier Advanced Materials realizes the power and importance of education and primarily directs grants toward the improvement of the quality of education.
    • Civic and Human Service Organizations: Wherever Rayonier Advanced Materials has operations, we form connections to communities and support a range of civic and nonprofit activities that help those in need. These grants typically address challenges facing children, families, minority groups, senior citizens, victims of abuse and the disadvantaged; after-school programs, affordable housing, parks and recreation, community development, improved community services and other related activities.
    • Cultural Organizations: Rayonier Advanced Materials support of the arts stems from our strong tradition of enhancing the communities where our employees live and work. We join with museums, libraries and other cultural institutions such as the performing arts, visual arts, historical centers, public and educational broadcasting, and other related activities.
    • Health and Hospital Concerns: Grants are directed towards medical programs, equipment, health promotion, substance abuse prevention, healthy aging and special projects. Operating expenses will not be covered.
    • Natural Resources and Environment: Grants target supporting sustainable natural resource management, environmental education, and conservation efforts that recognize the value of renewable natural resources.
  5. The following types of organizations or activities are specifically excluded from support by The Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation:
    • Organizations without an Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt status or evidence of government agency status under Section 170(c).
    • Grants for individual pursuits.
    • Religious organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services).
    • Organizations focused on the advocacy of a particular religious, social, moral, political or economic point of view.
    • Fraternal or political organizations.
    • Organizations that advocate, support, or practice activities inconsistent with Rayonier Advanced Materials’ non-discrimination policies, whether based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or status as a protected veteran.
    • Chairs, professorships, or scholarships sponsored by academic or nonprofit institutions.
    • Courtesy or goodwill advertising for festival participation.
    • Tickets, telethons, raffles, auctions or memberships.

We recognize there are many fine organizations falling under these categories that provide wonderful services in their communities. However, these types of programs do not fall within the scope of The Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation.