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Forest Management Overview

RYAM Forest Management’s business is rooted in the forest, so we have a deep connection to the publicly owned Canadian forestlands where we have logging operations. For us, well-managed forests truly make sense for our business, our communities and the environment.

We take care of the forests we depend on, for the benefit of all.

Forests are essential to humanity for the range of benefits, products and services they provide - clean water, oxygen, wildlife habitat, wilderness, carbon sequestration, recreational opportunities, timber and non-timber products and green energy.

For RYAM Forest Management, trees provide the raw ingredients, such as fiber, from which the company’s products are derived. Forests are more than trees and well-managed forests can provide a range of products and integral ecosystem services to meet society’s needs.

RYAM Forest Management is there to guide the implementation of sustainable forest management on company forestry operations. Our goal is to sufficiently supply RYAM Forest Management’s manufacturing operations with quality, fully certified fiber at a competitive price.