Wood Chips

RYAM Lumber’s Canadian forest and sawmill operations produce high-quality softwood lumber used mainly in construction, hardwood lumber used by manufacturers, as well as wood chips and biomass used in RYAM Lumber’s Canadian operations and by third-party customers.

Sawmill and forest wood chips

RYAM Lumber’s softwood and hardwood sawmills produce a wide variety of co-product wood chips in addition to lumber. All grades and species are available as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified – your assurance our fiber comes from responsible sources.

RYAM Lumber can also supply whole-log wood chips or biomass materials to meet customer needs.

Sawmill and forest biomass – comminuted wood, bark, sawdust and shavings

Biomass from our sawmill, mobile chipping, and mobile grinding operations comes in two grades:

  • Hogged fuel (4” and below) – low-cost high-quality fiber for use in bioenergy facilities.
  • Scalped (12” and below) – used in horticultural bark products or to create hogged fuel.

Sawdust and shavings produced at RYAM Lumber’s sawmills are used by pulp mills, wood pellet producers, engineered panel manufacturers and niche product manufacturers.

Again, the fiber in all grades and species is FSC certified.

Wood chips: Product characteristics

Clearly cut with sharp chipper knives to prevent production of fines, pins, oversized chips, slivers and bruising of the edges.

Transportation: Truck / High volume and self-unloading trailers.

Typical specificationsPulp qualityFuel qualitySpecies
Bark and rot content1% maximum10% maximumBlack spruce

White spruce

Engelman spruce

Jack pine

Lodgepole pine

Ponderosa pine

Balsam fir

Interior Douglas fir

Subalpine fir

Western larch



45mm round hole5% maximum10% maximum
10mm overthick15% maximum30% maximum
3/8” round hole60% minimum50% minimum
Pan5% maximum20% maximum
Non-wood contaminantsNoneNone

Biomass: Product Characteristics

  • Same species as wood chips.
  • Biomass may include blends of sawdust, shavings, and screen fines (negotiable).
  • Transportation: Truck / High volume and self-unloading trailers.

SpecificationsSawdustShavingsSawdust and ShavingsBark
QualityPanel and pelletPanel and pelletFuelMay include wood chips, sawdust, shavings, lumber
Grit*Maximum 0.05% by weightMaximum 0.05% by weightN/AMinimal quantities of soil and rock
Oven dry content45% to 75%Minimum 75%N/A45% to 75% by green weight
Maximum stockpile ageThree monthsThree monthsSix monthsSix months
Non-wood contaminantsNoneNoneNoneLimited
* Grit includes rock, sand, dirt, floor sweepings, rags, ash and acid insoluble ash.

Operations, capacity and certifications

SawmillsProduction capacity (annual)Product certification
Béarn, Québec, CanadaTotal capacity is
close to one million
bdmt (bone dry metric tons)
Forest Stewardship
Council® (FSC®)
Certified Chain
of Custody
La Sarre, Québec, Canada
Chapleau, Ontario, Canada
Cochrane, Ontario, Canada
Hearst, Ontario, Canada
Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada