Chemical Products

Rayonier Advanced Materials’ chemical products – resins and lignosulfonates – are supported by a dedicated technical sales team. Notably, lignosulfonates are residuals of our specialty cellulose manufacturing process – co-products rooted in renewable biomass.


At three locations in Canada and the United States, Rayonier Advanced Materials manufactures a full range of resin products that meet stringent customer and regulatory requirements:

  • Powder and liquid phenolic and amino resins used to make forest products such as plywood, OSB (oriented strand board), and MDF (medium density fiberboard).
  • Specialty resins used in insulation, abrasives and truck floors.

Rayonier Advanced Materials also distributes emulsion waxes to the North American OSB Industry, serving customers as a convenient single source for both resin and emulsion wax requirements.

We also make formaldehyde, used in resin production.


Rayonier Advanced Materials manufactures a complete line of lignosulfonates – co-products refined from residuals of the specialty cellulose manufacturing process at our Temiscaming and Tartas operations. Marketed under the ARBO™ brand, our lignosulfonates serve as natural binding agents and dispersants, with applications in such industries as:

  • Agriculture
  • Carbon black
  • Concrete admixtures

We are one of the few suppliers with a full range of calcium-, sodium-, and ammonium-based lignosulfonates. Efficient worldwide and local distribution equips us to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

Product characteristics and applications

• Phenolic resin powder
OSB (oriented strand board)
• Phenolic resin liquid
LVL (laminated veneer lumber)
MDF (medium density fiberboard)
OSB (oriented strand board)
Particleboard and hardboard insulation
Amino Resins
• Liquid and powder (MUF, UF, MF )
Door skin veneer
Truck Floors

OSB (oriented strand board)
• Emulsion Waxes
OSB (oriented strand board)
• Formaldehyde

37%-52% concentrations
Animal feed
Carbon black
Concrete admixtures
Dust suppressants

Operations and capacity

FacilityCapacity (annual) 
Resin and related products
170,000 metric tons
60,000 metric tons
Longueuil, Québec, Canada-
Toledo, Ohio, United States-
Temiscaming, Québec, Canada
Tartas, France-