Forestry Certifications


FSCCertificate RA-FM/COC-001582
Licence FSC®-C005058
Management Unit 082-51, 085-51, 085-62
ISO 14001 CERT-0093751RYAM Forest Management, Forest Resource
Management Abitibi-Ouest

Temiscaming Forest

FSC Certificate RA-FM/COC-001928
Licence FSC®-C010993
Management Units 081-51, 081-52
ISOCERT-0093751RYAM Forest Management Témiscamingue

Northern Ontario East: Martel, Romeo Malette, Abitibi River and Algoma Forests

The Martel and Romeo Malette Forests have been certified under the National Boreal Standard of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) since 2006. The Abitibi River Forest has been FSC certified since 2013. The Algoma Forest has been FSC certified since 2005.

FSC Certificate SGS-FM/COC-010604
Licence FSC®-C011339
RYAM Forest Management Ontario - Martel Forest
FSC Certificate SGS-FM/COC-011965
Licence FSC®-C100637
RYAM Forest Management - Northern Ontario East (NOE)
Romeo Malette Forest
FSCCertificate SAI-FM/COC-003045
Licence FSC®-C113765
Abitibi River Forest Management Inc.
FSCCertificate BV-FM/COC-407103
Licence FSC®-C005080
Clergue Forest Management Inc.

Ontario South Central

The Nipissing Forest has been certified under the Great Lakes St-Lawrence standard of the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) since 2003.

FSC Certificate SAI-FM/COC-001635
Licence FSC®-C008921
Nipissing Forest

Jesup, GA and Fernandina Beach, FL

FSCBV-COC-128948United States
PEFCBV-PEFCCOC-US008723-1Georgia, Florida
ISO 9001:201510005026 QM 15 Fernandina Plant, Jesup Plant, MRC, Sales and Technology