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2019 Sustainability Report

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A history of sustainability

Since our founding in 1926, we have been a thriving company, committed to delivering value to our shareholders through operating our business with the highest ethical standards. Our company has evolved through numerous milestones in our history that have changed the face of the company, but our values and culture have remained steady. For generations, we’ve understood the need to operate our business sustainably and environmental stewardship is now woven into our culture.

Isolating and purifying the fibers that, in nature, provide the structure and strength to trees has been our core business since 1931. Through innovative product development and decades of research, these fibers now serve as building blocks for everyday products like cosmetics, paints, filters, pharmaceuticals, plastics and digital display screens. Not only are our customers making products from renewable resources, but they are substituting them for fossil fuel-derived chemicals.

Like everyone, our environmental awareness has grown with each generation and is now an integral part of our business planning process. Now, as Rayonier Advanced Materials, we have adopted a culture of continuous improvement with regard to our environmental performance and we continue to invest in new technologies to minimize our environmental impact. In recent years, our efforts have resulted in dramatic improvements in air and water quality and significant reductions in solid waste.

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