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As a publicly traded company, our commitments to protect the environment, nurture our employees and support our communities are always balanced with our inherent responsibility to our stockholders.

More than 90 years of expertise in advanced cellulosic chemistry and decades-long customer relationships are the basis of our global leadership in high-purity cellulose products. Approximately 60 percent of our sales are outside the U.S. to customers in approximately 20 countries.

Through the acquisition of Tembec, we also participate in the forestry, pulp and paper market segments, which provide additional scale and diversification and allows for a more stable earnings through economic cycles.

We deliver value to our stockholders through continued growth and strong financial returns. We maintain our growth through strategic investments and effective risk management. We calibrate our product mix with market demand and opportunities to secure the greatest return on our invested capital.

To ensure we are effective stewards of our stockholders’ investment, we maintain an Enterprise Risk Management program that continually identifies and evaluates internal, external and market risks and develops programs to actively mitigate those risks. Through this program we minimize our investors’ exposure to potential risks and help ensure the sustained success of our company.