Safety banner

The safety of our employees and visitors to our facilities is our number one priority. “People are the foundation for success” is one of Rayonier Advanced Materials’ core values and safety is an integral part of this.

Our safety vision is everyone going home injury-free, every day and our objective is to become the safest company in our industry. We measure our continuous improvement in our recordable incident rate through a 12-month rolling average over 36 months.

Rayonier Advanced Materials Safety Management System (RSMS)

The Rayonier Advanced Materials Safety Management System (RSMS) is our formal company-wide approach for managing safety. It is comprised of four pillars:

  • Leadership and engagement
  • Risk prevention, elimination or control
  • Workplace analyses
  • Training and proficiency

We pursue our safety objective by building and maintaining:

  • Strong values and norms with respect to safety (our safety culture)
  • Consistency and focus
  • Elimination and/or control of risks
  • Best practices